working away at the 'to-do' list

spent most of today working on my to-do list posted on the weekend. I actually forgot one - doing back-up vocals for Cliff Hitchcock's song, What She Knows, which is being produced by The Collaborators. So I had to take a look at that today. Plus I like to keep up with the songwriting forums I'm on, I try to check them about twice a day and give some feedback or information if I can.

Also since Sunday.... I found out that a song I submitted for consideration for a 'world peace CD' to be sold to raise funds for handicapped kids... has been picked for inclusion!!! My producer is mixing me down a master and I'll get it from him tomorrow & have to mail it off. More news as I get it!!!

Also, I did send a post via email to this Blog on Mon or Tues - obviously that doesn't work, cause I don't see it.

Later! :-)

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