time is MUSIC

Let's see, what did I accomplish this weekend...

- have the final masters of two songs ready to submit to a indie record label

- mailed off the master of a song that will be incliuded on a complilation CD - subject - World Peace, release date: November 20th

- wrote the lyrics for a new song Friday, wrote the music Saturday, recorded it and posted a worktape on line - "Illuminating Me" -- http://www.soundclick.com/vikkiflawith

- worked slavishly on a MJ Kavanagh/ VL Flawith collaboration to get it to the studio for mastering... just got it back today and it's not working like I thought... so I have to rethink

- worked on the lyrics for a RD Pearden/VL Flawith collaboration... I have to revamp the music now

- worked on a song by Cliff Hitchcock (from The Bullets), adding back-up vocals (a project by The Collaborators)

- worked on a keyboard part & guitar fills for a song by Jared Starr

- went for a walk & had lunch with my big sister!

Current Projects (in no particular order):

- complete submission to indie record label!

- complete my entry for a local talent contest

- rework music for MJ Kavanagh/VL Flawith collab - need to redo the mix or maybe rethink the whole thing

- work on 'owning' "I Could Dream' by Dean Taylor & Lucian Blaga so I can lay down an awesome final vocal

- work on music for 'The Scent of Your Betrayal', a collab with RD Pearden, then lay down vocal

- harmony vocals for "Crazy for Life" by Jared Starr

- harmony vocals for 'Blue Collar Man", a collab with MJ Kavanagh

- re-record my lead & back-up vocals on "Send Me a Man"

- work on producing my song 'Wilted Heart'

- work on producing a Celtic song I've written

- design an ezine for my freelance client

- pick up tickets & out-of-country medical insurance for my LA trip!!

- walk everyday, eat healthy, teach my students well!!

try to get over this wierd bug I got that's stopping me from SINGING... all congested!!!

hope this makes interesting reading... I'm really focussed on completing these obligations so putting them down in writing helps me a lot!!


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