getting things done... at a slow pace :-)

Had a crazy and exciting weekend of live music, which included Mitch Hitchcock & the Rockin' 88's, Daniel Lapp, Soul Station, and, best of all - BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO (what that man can do with an accordian is amazing - and what a beautiful spirit shines from him ).

Watching these great artists and listening to how tight their bands play, I was just droolin' over the idea of having a 5 piece band - with that level of talent & professionalism - to back me up. What I could do!!

It stated me thinking about my own abilities to musically contribute to a band (other than singing & playing the tamborine). My once adequate guitar playing is non-existant now due to the prolonged unhealthy use of my hands in day jobs in unergonomic situations - meaning carpel tunnel now precludes chording with the left and picking with the right. Piano has the same kind of issue, altho it's a bit easier. But I remembered - I used to play the trumpet, the flute and the piccolo in high school. I'm gonna investigate that further, starting with the flute, since I don't want to overwhelm my neighbours with the blast of a trumpet.

Just finished creating a new soundscape I've called "Stonehenge Madrigal". It still needs a little tweaking & mixing, but I posted it on Mixposure & Soundclick to see what folks think of it.

My co-writer Michael JK and I worked Tuesday on our new pop song - we've got the form pretty much set, and I've got the melody & chord progression, so it's just a matter of putting it all together. That's my next job. I fooled around with music for that yesterday but I'm not happy with it, even if it is just a work-tape. Can't rush it. We had a meeting today and discussed ideas for another song Mike's working on - great concepts that man has!!

I've finished the final work-tape of a song I'm submitting for consideration for a CD project. Whew. I got a fair bit of positive feedback on it so I just edited it a little and it's done, and submitted!

Collabs going on right now (besides the ongoing ones with Michael), one with Rebecca Dale (music), and one with The Collaborators (back-up vocals); I'm waiting to hear back from Dean Taylor / Lucien Blaga on the rough cut first draft I did of their song (vocals); and Matt Hirt emailed me today to say the song we're collabing on is in the works (lyricist).

I'm in the Compo-10 alternative contest this week (my electronica piece called 'Alien'), I listened to all the pieces and sent in my rankings yesterday.

Tonight I can't wrap my brain around music so I think I'll just watch a little of something on TV & hit the sack :-D

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