...ummm.... where did I put that brain of mine?

After a crazy and exciting weekend of live music, which included Mitch Hitchcock & the Rockin' 88's, Daniel Lapp, Soul Station, and, best of all - BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO (what that man can do with an accordian is amazing - and what a beautiful spirit shines from him ) after all of that I'm sitting here drinking cold water and trying to wrap my brain around working on my own music.

Watching these great artists and listening to how tight their bands play, I was just droolin' over the idea of having a 5 piece band - with that level of talent & professionalism - to back me up. What I could do!!

It stated me thinking about my own abilities to musically contribute to a band (other than singing & playing the tamborine). My once adequate guitar playing is non-existant now due to the prolonged unhealthy use of my hands in day jobs in unergonomic situations - meaning carpel tunnel now precludes chording with the left and picking with the right. Piano has the same kind of issue, altho it's a bit easier. But I remembered - I used to play the trumpet, the flute and the piccolo in high school. I'm gonna investigate that further, starting with the flute, since I don't want to overwhelm my neighbours with the blast of a trumpet.

But for the rest of today, I think I will just chill... and brainstorm some lyrical phrases for a song I'm working on.

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