took a break from the pressures


- completed a second draft of lead vocals 'the house up the road'
- recorded back-up vocals for Cliff (The Bullets) Hitchcock's song
- completed final mix for Stonehenge Madrigal
- taught a couple students
- worked on lyric rewrite with Dale Pearden
- sang thru 'I Could Dream', practiced changes in first verse
- played & sang thru 'Wilted Heart' a few times
- began working on a new electronic piece


- taught a couple of students
- went for a walk, went to bank & picked up groceries
- new collab for The Collaborators - I fooled with a lead guitar riff!
- burned master CD of a song, I gotta mail it to the studio for mastering tomorrow

- got into the new electronic piece, spent the evening working on that, and just posted it on Mixposure

gonna go to bed now :)

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