great day!! new toy!!!

hey spent the last couple of days just organizing a schedule and arranging for some help in completing the masters of several songs. Spent this evening laying down a scratch vocal for a songwriter. I have a list of musical projects to work on, each one has slightly different requirements. I plan to do a lot of recording tomorrow and get some of this work done.

Current projects:
Vocals for 'I Could Dream' by Dean Taylor & Lucian Blaga
Vocal for 'The House up the Road' by James Mitchell
Music for 'The Scent of Your Betrayal' - lyrics by R Dale Pearden
Music, Arrangement & Vocals for new pop song - lyrics by Michael Kavanagh
Music, Arrangement & Vocals for new uptempo ctry song - lyrics by Michael Kavanagh
Working on final cut of Stonehenge Madrigal - drums, vocals & master
Working on final cut of Still I Dream - add guitar, redo vocals, master
Blue Collar Man - redo back-up vocals & master
Send me a Man - make chorus more kick-ass & record lead & back-up vocals, master
Wilted Heart - prep for the guitarist to come in and lay down track(s)
Celtic song of mine - prep for vocalist to come in

In the Wings:
- potential collab with Erin Simms
- another collab with Volker Zdunnek
- poem by Diane - to be set to music

BIG NEWS - I bought a new guitar!! I LOVE it. It's small, almost 1/2 the size of a regular guitar, but it has an AWESOME sound. I even fiddled with recording it a bit tonite! It was funny, in the store, I was sitting playing this $200 guitar which fit my budget & sounded okay... and then I saw this little guitar on the wall so I asked about it, but it was way over my budget. I said I'd take the one I was playing. While she was organizing a gig bag & that, I took down the little guitar and began to play it -- from the FIRST STROKE I could just hear the difference. But it was nearly $400!!! But I bought it because my instincts said to. I'm glad I did and I'll work out the money part somehow. It occured to me later that I've been craving a smaller guitar so it's easier to play. And I've been looking for a warmer, richer sound than my beautiful Eko has with its nylon strings. YEAH!

I'll have to take a picture and post it so you can see!

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