quality in doing...

It occurred to me today that all my excessive planning might be as bad as bingewatching the latest series on Netflix or spending too much time on Facebook. It's as much not being present as any other overconcern with what happened before this moment and what's going to happen next.

I'd always considered that planning ahead was a reasonably reasonable thing to do. Indeed, how does one get from A to B without a road map. Very true. There does need to be some kind of purpose to one's day and some kind of a sketch as to which way one will go and what one might actually do when one arrives.

I do remember Eckhart Tolle saying something like, you can't think about attaining some future state as that removes you from the now. And, if one is so focused on an intention that one feels a lack in one's current moment... we create an unhappy state that affects the self and those around.

It seems, then, the quality of our 'doing' is more important than an end goal. As I write that it resonates with me.

In working with my students it is all about hearing & seeing the person before me as they are now, today. We cannot push the voice to be something it's not. Our whole journey together is about removing past programming and future expections to experience the natural voice without constraints.

There is a practice associated with that process... the goal is to practice for the sake of practicing... to allow that today's practice will feel however it feels but is the foundation for growth... to embrace the idea that breathing, sighing, and vibrating with sound today is sufficient. That it feels good. It feels good to have practiced being in the moment practicing. ~

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your blog Vikki. Im practicing every day too.
Only source knows why I am doing this.
Standing up talking at the meetings to face myself.
One day I will realize I am talking to myself, with an audience.