maybe one day...

It's hard to allow the fallow days. The times when inspiration seems far away. You pick up the pen or open the document, and the brain seems bent on something resembling a doze. Maybe you just need a recharge. A walk in the fresh air, or something different to do.

I find myself planning trips. I think, well, what if I wanted to go to LA for that film festival. Or what if I got brave and went to England for a week or two. Or Italy. I've always wanted to see Italy. I plan itineraries and price out tickets & hotel rooms. Even though the money or the time or whatever other limitation there is does exist, still, the dream passes an hour or two.

In my exploration of what might be possible or what would be cool I sometimes come across little bits of information. A blog that looks interesting. There are even places that understand travel dreaming and give you the tools to plan your journey.

Whether it's a youtube video, a travel book or a website with suggestions, I always look for the quaint, the cosy, the cute little place just right for someone like me, who doesn't need fancy decor or 5-star dining to enjoy a stay. All I want is a little place that feels homey and safe, where I can retreat whenever needed.

I'm inspired by the thought of my mom who designed her own walking holidays in England and backpacked with a girlfriend from place to place. Three years in a row. Lest you think that was nothing special, they were both in their 70s.

I hope one day to feel brave enough to board that plane and travel somewhere I have not been before. ~

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