~ jousting at the to-do list

I was looking back at the novel manuscript I started when I did Nanowrimo a few years ago… it’s something I’ve written on from time to time. I’d forgotten I had some pages I’d written in 2007 and I was chuckling as I read them. I think to myself, ‘I should do something with that’… then I look at my plans for a non-fiction book, and an album, and to write & pitch music for film/tv, and the musical collaborations I’m supposed to be working on, and the students I have scheduled to teach… and I wonder if it isn’t too much for one human being to manage.

Especially when most of those things have an intrinsic value – meaning the doing of them has worth in and of itself – but those activities, at least at this moment, do nothing to help pay down the debts that haunt my cash flow or the bills that arrive at the door. I’ve budgeted myself for years, and have been working to pay down the debts… but then something always happens – like the dental work this month that’s going to cost $1,200, ha ha ha ha ha – that makes it impossible not to use credit. I have been paying things down, and I know I will pay off a couple of debts this year… but today it just feels like an immense burden to know I am paying so much now for the mismanagement of the past.

I have been working diligently on the to-do lists and trying to make headway on the things that dog my footsteps. I called the junk-hauling firm for a quote on how much it will cost to haul some old furniture and other stuff away. Not bad, maximum maybe $175 for a truck load. I’ve moved away from the ‘why can’t I clean up the kitchen in the morning so I’ll feel better all day’ dilemma by (surprise) doing the dishes before I go to bed. I worked out my budget for the month yesterday, and I started sorting receipts and paperwork in preparation for doing the books so I can do my taxes. I worked on a couple of collaborations but I wasn’t able to finish them as planned. I’m going to have to go over my Task List/Schedule and revise it with what I’ve been able to do – if I don’t do that soon, it will have no relevance and it will be just another thing collecting dust.

I am doing well on the ‘look after yourself’ front, by going to bed at a more reasonable hour, and I think the healthy eating that I’ve been focused on for the past few weeks is going to pay dividends in more energy in time. In fact, I feel a difference already.

So last week, I worked on producing a song written by Dean & Lucian, brainstormed & researched & drafted a sample of a collab with Geoff. I also have a collab with Chuck to record vocals for. I rehearsed with my friend Larrien for our gig last night, and I challenged myself to sing more originals for that gig, I think it went well. I was to begin work on the book outline on Wednesday, but I ended up going to town to get a harmonica rack and an additional mic stand for the gig, and lost my writing time.

This coming week I have to do the month end stuff like pay the rent & bills; have the dental work; work on those collaborations; start a couple of instrumental tracks & complete the recording of one of my songs. Also have to sort the music for the next gig & get that going. And write the blogs. And start painting that painting I have to start. I'm going to be interviewed by Debra Russell (Artists-Edge) later in the month, need to send her some background info.

I have no idea if it is at all interesting to read my to-do list, lol. Hang in and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Get out and walk. Stop and smell the roses. Keep breathing, and be aware of spring sprouting.

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