~ treading water

Sick with a cold, I have no energy and feel like doing nothing (but I am keeping up with the dishes). I’ve made some to-do lists for upcoming projects. I’ve cancelled my teaching. I have vocals to record but can’t even croak out a tune. I’m a little sorry for myself. But I’ll be right as rain in a day or two. I’ve sketched out a basic arrangement for the bedtrack of an original song I want to get laid down. I took a little time to update my mailing list and change it over to a new server. I’d like to send out a monthly newsletter – I had nearly 500 people on my list – but it always seemed to be on the back burner, especially since I’m already writing blogs. I recorded American Idol this week and did a fairly thorough review of the singing of each contestant & posted that as well. I have more things to do but I think I’m just going to go lie down. Maybe I find some energy tomorrow. Good thing is the Vancouver Canucks are playing the St Louis Blues tonight. I’ll croak “go Canucks!!” at the tv, and try not to yell "shoot, shoot, SHHOOT!"

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