I think therefore I procrastinate...

What did I do today? I worked. I had a quick lunch with my mom. I had a massage to help with the tension in my neck & shoulders and put my hips back into alignment. I walked home from downtown, taking pictures along the way. I thought of writing a book (I often do). I posted a blog, answered emails, worked on an instrumental, watched some Hugh Grant movies… still one on right now, but the tv is on mute because I was working on music.

I am trying to think of something interesting and profound to say in this blog, which I am determined to write now because I made up a little schedule of things I have to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and this is my last weekly thingy. On that same to-do list is odd things like… update my website, which I did yesterday, and organize my receipts and start doing my books (bletch). Sounds really fancy but it’s really just adding up all those pieces of paper to see what my expenses were (a lot) and add up the income I noted in my diary, and then do my taxes. (Sigh.)

This week I tried to cut down on the time I spend on-line to focus more on writing music… I admit, I tend to spend a little too much time on songwriting forums, reading updates on Facebook & Twitter, checking my email, surfing. I am easily distracted, lol.

I got an email about “Script Frenzy,” which is another personal writing challenge, this time… to write a 100 page script in the month of April. I tried it out last year and wrote about 10 or 15 pages. Had fun, though, casting my film with Viggo Mortensen & trying to work out character development and plot. If I do it, I’ll probably just continue with the film I started last year.

I’m way behind on my personal challenge of writing 50 tracks for film/tv this year. By now I should have written at least 6 or 7, I’ve done 3. I will see if I can catch up a bit this month.

Also been thinking of trying to organize this house of mine. I’m aware that these thoughts, about organizing my papers & receipts, doing my books & taxes, getting rid of junk & tidying the house… these thoughts come to visit me often. I agree doing those things would be nice. Well, not doing them, but the end result of doing them. I have set aside some time and will try to actually achieve something and not get defeated before I start. I admit I often start but seldom finish these chores. Like laundry & housework, they do not excite me at all.

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