~ no ideas today

I’ve been trying to write this blog for two days. Well, mostly thinking about writing this blog… but at a loss for ideas. I go through that occasionally with everything. Ideas for songs, instrumentals, blogs and paintings seem to be as far away as the moon. I find myself reading books I like or watching DVDs of movies I enjoy. It’s funny cause if you were in the room with me, I wouldn’t find any difficulty talking to you about a whole host of things. It’s been stressful week, worried about family, worried about my friends with cancer, dealing with going to the dentist, counting my pennies and coming up short.

On the good side, I had three pieces of music forwarded (that means pitched directly by a trusted intermediary) to a film composer looking for long term relationships with skilled writers. On the other side, I ended up going to the doctor because I had a weird reaction to the dental anaesthetic that has never happened before. It’s slowly fading but my gawd. I did work on some music tracks this weekend – collabs with Chuck and Geoff, but more work to do on them both to get them into some sort of shape. Maybe I’m just trying too hard. The weather is improving, and Saturday night at dinner time I went to hear some friends play music at a local café, nice long walk there and back. Today I hung out and worked on music, watched some TV, chatted with my sister, researched some ideas for my book. That’s it. Maybe that's enough. Sometimes you just gotta be.


Kirk Mathew Gatzka said...

Oh, how I can identify. I am currently worried about a friend with newly diagnosed cancer. I am at a loss for words for my blog, I have done some thing musically, another song, which was a pleasure. One thing that went well.

Time to rest up and set back and enjoy what the day brings. Hve a good one!


Webmaster said...

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Vikki said...

Kirk - I enjoy reading your blog, too. I hope your friend is doing alright.