2009 Big, fun, scary

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!! LOL.

I was just asked.... "So what do you want to do next year, in 2009? Think hard, and make it good! Some BIG goals, some FUN goals, and some downright SCARY goals"

- compose/rewrite, record, produce, master, & do artwork for an album to be released in Sept 2009
- compose & produce a minimum of 52 broadcast quality tracks for film/tv
- sign more tracks with music publishers/libraries
- get my paperwork/house totally organized
- successfully do 'FAWM' 2009
- successfully do '50 songs in 90 days' 2009
- pay off two debts
- learn to play the flute again
- get a ukelele & have fun with it
- be awake & aware and take joy in every day
- share what I've learned along the way

Wishing you a fantastic and creative 2009!!!

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