in LA for a week

Hey, just buzzed thru San Francisco (lovely city, great time - love Little Italy) and am now in LA for the big music conference (road rally) -- they had a record high here yesterday of 95C, today it went to 97C. Needless to say I didn't do much sightseeing, I laid on the bed with a cool compress on my eyes & the air conditioning on. However, it is much cooler this evening, so went out and explored a little, bought some lighter clothing & had a bite. Tomorrow the rally begins. Much to do in just 3.25 days. I have gone thru the schedule with a fine tooth comb to figure out what is most important for me to do. Hoping also to touch base with some other musicians I've been collabin' with over the past while.

I had planned to have 60 demos ready to pass out, but, because my studio engineer dropped the ball and I had to scramble to find other resources to produce at least 2 out of the 3 songs I'd expected him to complete... I didn't get the final song until the evening before I left. I sat up til 4 am burning CDs and then got up again early and started again. When you've got one old computer, and several songs to burn, each CD takes about 10 minutes. So, at about 5 an hour - you do the math... 12 hours to burn em.

Other than today, when it was so overwhelmingly hot, it's been a good trip so far.

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