getting ready for California

Yeah, I'm headin' to CA next week to attend a music conference in LA - but I'm stoppin' in San Francisco for a couple days first. I been slowly working on getting ready for the trip, doin' things like buyin' a few new clothes, and some new walking shoes, get the hair cut, get the demo mastered, stuff like that.

My other projects right now doing vocal tracks on a couple of songs for collaborators, writin' music for a couple lyrics, gettin' my newsletter out, and rehearsing with my trio for our upcoming Dec gig. I'm also working on a couple more originals for that.

The next album is slowly coming together. I have most of the songs written, but it will take some time to get them produced. I don't think it will be ready til maybe summer 2007. It's amazing how long it takes to birth a song... from that first scribble in the middle of the night til the final master. I just keep puttin' one foot in front of the other and trust I'll get there one day ;)

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