keeping the musical fire alive

Someone asked on a songwriting board, what would happen if you got to the place with your music that you had to write great songs to deadlines... how would you keep your passion alive?

One of the ways I keep the fire burning is to play with other aspects of creativity. I think it's really important to "play".

I play at painting and writing and jewellery- making;

I play at finding small and joyful things in my life;

I teach because my students consistently teach me, awaken me, challenge me, inspire me;

I collaborate because my co-writer(s) take me places I never would have gone on my own;

I sing new songs written by the members of my trio, or by collaborators, so I'm challenged & excited to work on new things;

I love working on music, but sometimes it can be frustrating or feel overwhelming or mechanical. I find the element of play is really important to me. If I push to try to match the perceived expectations of others, I lose my joy. So I have to just allow that I am where I am, knowing what I know in this moment. I am still growing and learning... music (and life) is a process.

I've worked in theatre & opera, so I know what it feels like to rehearse like mad for a few short weeks, and then need to be "on" every second night in repertory or shows that go up 5 nights a week - plus a matinee on Sat.

You have to know your own needs & take good care of yourself, look for space & time to be alone, and get enough rest.

Most importantly? I believe in naps :)

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