not too inspired at the moment

Yeah, not too inspired right now, for no particular reason, just spent the day trying to make some sense out of all the stuff in my bedroom, finish a song, get organized for a trip, catch up on emails & phone calls, and tidy up the kitchen which was difficult because the kitchen sink decided quite firmly it was going to be plugged up (and no, Drano didn't help). Arggh. Gotta call the landlord in the morning but there's no time tomorrow for a plumber visit. Plus I had a somewhat irritating telephone conversation with an exboyfriend who is a good friend but just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. That's about the third irritating conversation I've had with different people over the last week. Makes me wonder. Why am I now irritated with stuff that normally washes over me. I kept breathing, concentrating on my breath, trying to bring myself into this moment, right now... and let go. I'm a little down, like I said in my last post. Having a clean bedroom helps a little, though, ha ha. Looking forward to this little trip with my mom, should be fun. And then my Dad is coming for a visit, and for that I am very grateful... the gift of time with him is something I cherish.

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