of March drawers and April frenzy

CALL ME CRAZY but I’ve decided to sign up for yet another challenge. This one is called “Script Frenzy” and it happens during the month of April. You challenge yourself to write 100 pages of a script or screenplay. Now, before you confirm with a shake of your head that I am indeed crazy… this is something I’ve thought about doing more than once.

I’ve done just about everything you can do on a stage show in my time… I’ve been the props manager, the stage manager, in charge of lights & sound, I’ve acted, I’ve produced and I’ve even directed. One of the original plays I directed won an award a while back. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve got some half-finished novel manuscripts around too.

I heard about Script Frenzy through NaNoWriMo (November is Novel Writing Month), another challenge I’ve done 3 times now… never finished it, but definitely wrote more than I would have without the challenge.

It’s good Script Frenzy doesn’t start til April because I’ve got that spring cleaning I’m supposed to be doing over the long weekend in March. It will be good to get things sorted so there is room for creative flow. I also have to do my taxes in April… well, doing my taxes is the easy part, it’s doing the books that’s the hard part. But if I collect all the receipts into one place when I’m spring cleaning then the job will be sorting through them & adding them up & getting the totals into spreadsheets & exciting stuff like that.

Confession: I’m a funny sort of person. Funnier than you think. I have this thing with drawers. I discovered this a while ago when I did a trade with someone who was starting a business doing feng shui decorating. I helped with her website, and she was to give me some pointers on organizing my stuff. After talking to her for awhile and visualizing my place, I realized that my drawers do not function correctly.

See, drawers are supposed to be tools that you use to put stuff in and get stuff out of. But in my house, they just end up being depositories for stuff. Stuff gets in my drawers and stays there. Forever and ever. So I got this bright idea that I would buy a big cupboard for the bedroom. The idea was I could put my bits in little baskets on the shelves, or fold things up and put them on the shelves, so that they would visible to my eyes when I opened the door. Drawers close, and what’s in them is hidden. Open a cupboard, and your stuff is visible. Easy to organize. That was my logic.

So I got this nice big cupboard on sale at Zellers, had a friend help me put it together. I carefully put some stuff in it… and now there are totes piled in front of it, and a coat hanger in front of it, and an old TV tray with my old TV in front of it. What do I live out of? The laundry basket, of course!

Anyway, I have no idea what I will write about for the Script Frenzy challenge. I’m reading a book on screenwriting and thinking about it. I’m thinking I’d like to try to write something like ‘Notting Hill’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or ‘Pretty Woman’ or something like that. A romantic comedy. That would be fun. We’ll see. Maybe there’s an idea buried in my cupboard somewhere, lol. We’ll find out next week… when spring cleaning officially begins. Hum Beethoven’s 5th….

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