medieval blues

I spent what feels like two weeks cooking up two short medieval instrumentals, and after all that work, have no idea what I think of them. However, they are done & submitted and now I can move on.

This week I am:

-working on an Asian-style piece with a collaborator,

-working on two arias & an original pop-classical song with my voice coach,

-working on 'happy, upbeat' and/or 'playful cartoon' instrumentals,

-having my first mandolin lesson,

-teaching my students,

-and trying to get organized in the house, ha ha.


Sanoittaja said...

Good Luck with Mandolin :)

Un Coeur Music said...

Hey Vikki!

How did that mandolin lesson go for you?

If you find a secret to the house organization, please share! :-)

Anyhow, I'm enjoying your blog today. I'm Kathy and I thought I'd say hello to a fellow songwriter!