Do you ever feel doubtful?

How often do you fall down the self doubt gap in the floorboards...and how do you get back up and out again?

Quite often. This past week, almost every day. Probably be the same next week.

The more I explore my artistic/creative side the more I wonder about my song ideas... compared to all other artists I see.

Ah, but that's the little editor in you that likes to whisper things like 'see, you''ll never be like (insert artist)'; 'who are you kidding'; 'why don't you just give up & spend your time knitting'.

My work is original, yet at the same time relatively simple. I don't know if I'm ready to be 'heard'.

Your style of writing right now is your style of writing right now. Simple is often good. Believe me, for I am 'she who has too many ideas in one piece'.

I know what you're saying - you want it to be really really really good before you put it out there. And I'm like that too. But I also know that if I get too attached to it that I will not be able to listen to the feedback of my peers and learn something valuable about how to make my music more accessible or better composed.

All I can do is be where I am and allow that this artform is a process like any other, and I cannot judge myself for knowing what I know and not knowing what I don't know yet. All I know is that I am better writer today than I was last month. And part of the reason I am, is the continued support and thoughtful feedback that I get from my friends.

Why do we struggle with so many doubts? Aren't we creative & passionate & focussed on the lives of our creations while riding on a sea of doubt? I think doubts are part of the creative process. The trick is to recognize it is your active activity in spite of doubts that moves you forward.

When in doubt.... write.

"In a sense, as we are creative beings, our lives become our work of art." ~Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way)


Tom said...

Hi Vikki:

Is there a place on your site where I can hear your songs?

Tom St. Louis

Vikki said...

thanks for your comments & interest :)

Tom said...

erm thanks for thanking, do you have some tunes I can listen to?

Vikki said...

Hi Tom! I left my website address in my comment above -

Vikki ;)