overwhelmed with GREAT musical projects

Ha ha, I keep getting asked to collaborate on such cool stuff I can't say no! My list never gets shorter.. hee hee ha ha!

I was recently invited to join a 'virtual music collaboration' site, and I'm workin' on two tunes for them (TIME, IN THAT MOMENT), and also another VMC site I hooked up with (MUTUAL NO SOCIETY). My internet band, 'The Collaborators', always has a project in hand, they just completed my song "Wilted Heart" and they did a great job with the music. - http://www.soundclick.com/pro/view/02/default.cfm?bandID=292748&content=song&songID=2139572

I was also asked by a member of one of my songwriting boards to collab on a song - Rolled the Dice, Paid the Price... a rough demo is posted at http://www.soundclick.com/vikkiflawith

I have several other collabs on the go:
I COULD DREAM - lead vocals, almost done
CAN WE START AGAIN - rough cut done
ONE TEAR AT A TIME - workin on rough cut
LONG DISTANCE LOVE - add harmonies
BACK TO THE GRAVITY - mixin tracks
SCENT OF YOUR BETRAYAL - rough cut done
ON OPEN WINGS - rough cut done
SEND AN ANGEL - rough cut done
COMBOVER ROMEO - work on rough cut
Plus some songs of my own I'm working on.

Big news is the CD is with the studio engineer right now! Whoo hoo!
stay tuned!

P.S. - my Dad is doing very well, by the way!

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