what a week!

Ack! I couldn't believe how many deadlines I had this week... plus bein' a little under the weather. Yikes. Spent most of the week alternating between editing a manuscript for a friend, and working with the studio engineer on my CD... and in between, teaching my students!

Was invited to collaborate with someone new on something new.... ha ha I can never say no if it takes my fancy... it's always neat to work with another musician, it broadens the mind and takes you places you'd never find on your own.

I had many interesting conversations with students this past week. It sometimes amazes me, the synchronicity of thought that is shared in the studio... it's like moments of inspiration linger in the air and are gently transmitted to the next person. We talked about how voice sessions are therapy sessions because they make you aware of how you think and how you hold yourself and how you deal with complexity, in a very positive and uplifting way. We talked about how, when the voice is suddenly released in a new way, it can be a scary, exhilerating experience... and you don't recognize yourself for a moment. As we work to release & develop the voice... our self-perception grows too. We realize that perhaps our voice IS beautiful... and is a very real reflection of the beauty within us. :o)

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