climbing the mountain - nice view!!

OKAY, where am I on the big projects... after some procrastination I finally got the lead out and achieved a few things. Here's my progress report... in no particular order! If anyone's at all interested, LOL

I COULD DREAM - Dean Taylor (lyricist) & Lucian Blaga (composer)
- re-record bridge vocals, musical theatre version
- work on recording vocals, pop version -DONE!
- paperwork -DONE!

CAN WE START AGAIN - Lloyd Kyrk (lyricist)
- paperwork -DONE!
- complete rough cut

ONE TEAR AT A TIME - Bob Lazzar-Atwood (songwriter)
- paperwork -DONE!
- complete rough cut

*BLUE COLLAR MAN - Michael Kavanagh (lyricist)
- get music & lyrics to session singer -DONE!
- rough cut with vocalist

- final production

LONG DISTANCE LOVE - David Van Camp (singer/songwriter)- download MP3 -DONE!
- record back-up vocals for approval -DONE!

WRAPPED AROUND MY FINGER - Nicholas Billings (lyricist)
- musical & lyrical ideas -IN PROGRESS!
- rough draft
- paperwork

*WAITING FOR THE BUS - Michael Kavanagh (lyricist)
- production -IN PROGRESS!

NEVER GOIN' BACK TO GRAVITY - Dean Taylor (lyricist)
- paperwork -DONE!
- production -IN PROGRESS!

*SHE WAS ALWAYS THERE - Michael Kavanagh (lyricist)
- production

SUNSET STARSHINE - Diane Rulliere (lyricist)
- paperwork -DONE!
- production

DEAD THINGS IN THE SHOWER - Joe Wrabeck (The Collaborators)
- waiting for ref track
- then do piano track
- vocal track

3 spacey songs - Dave Walton (musician)- touch base- discuss ideas

SCENT OF YOUR BETRAYAL - Rebecca Peaden (lyricist)
- touch base -DONE!
- production

ON OPEN WINGS - Richard Larabie (lyricist) & Marvin Perkins (musician)
- paperwork -DONE!
- production

LYING - composer, Matt Hirt
- session singer fees & work for hire- final cut

SEND AN ANGEL - Billie Spencer (lyricist)
- paperwork -DONE!
- complete rough cut

possible collabs:

Sandy Patten, lyricist (country)
James Mitchell, composer (pop)
Erin Simms, singer/songwriter (duet)

My new duo has become a trio, and we have our first rehearsal this Sat!!

Oh, I posted a professional remix/master of one of my favourite ballads... not considered "commercial" but very close to my heart - Still I Dream of You - See what you think :-)

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