uploading new mix

As mentioned in a prior post, I've been working very hard at producing a decent mix of "I'm Gonna Survive", a collab with my steady co-writer, Mike Kavanagh. I'm uploading it now to get some feedback - I've listened to it so many times I need some fresh perspective. I think it's fairly good, anyway. Other than that, today I taught, went downtown to bank & had lunch with my mom, and then walked home & spent the afternoon with the headphones on... then taught again, had dinner, and got back to the song. Here it is after midnight :) oops. I'm supposed ta be goin' to bed early. Also talked to my girlfriend in Tofino, she might be comin' down next week for a couple days - be great to see her. I also heard that my Dad was released from the hospital this morning and was happy to have a 'good meal' at home :) that's a relief!

look for "I'm Gonna Survive"

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