what I'm currently procrastinating on....

hey, thanks to everyone who plowed their way through my LA Blog and said they found it interesting. I thought it would make a good read if you were trying to get to sleep, LOL

Where am I now? Well, I've been back from LA for a week, and been playing catch-up on a number of things. Had a couple of newsletters to put out for clients, my students to catch up with, five loads of laundry (who invented laundry, I'd like to have a chat with him), trying to make some jewelry for a craft fair, and getting one of MikeK's & my songs into production. Also had lunch & dinner with my Mom, went out for dinner with songwriting friends yesterday, did the craft fair today. So not much music happened this week!

Projects I'm workin on:
- still working on producing the songs for our CD, Waiting for the Bus. We've been delayed cause we weren't happy with the final masters... we continue to learn what production is about;
- Lyricist Dean Taylor & I are working on a song, I need to do a second draft;
- Lyricist Diane Rulliere & I are working on a song, I need to do the second draft;
- recording vocals for DeanT & Lucian Blaga's song - I got the CD with the tracks, need to lay down a final vocal for approval;
- have a first draft done of a collb with Richard Larablie & Marvin Perkins, need to look at that again;
- also working on a long-term project with Dave Walton to produce 3 songs;
- Erin Simms and I are starting to brainstorm music for some lyrics I wrote;
- James Mitchell & I are working on doing something with one of my lyrics;
- Bob Lazzar-Atwood sent me a draft of a song for possible collab;
- still waiting for Matt Hirt's draft of our lovely song for which I wrote the lyrics in the spring;
- Mike and I are always working on ideas;
- there'll be another project with my internet band, The Collaborators, in the next few days;
- besides that I need to organize my house, practice the guitar, practice my vocal exercises, go for walks, eat more fruit & veg, drink more water, and go to bed earlier. I have another craft fair next Saturday, but I'm pretty much organized for that now. My songwriting circle also meets next Saturday for a potluck supper;
- oh, one more - my freelance client will need some stuff from me in the next week or so. A few hours work.

I'm tired now, LOL I'm going to go to bed.

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