I am today supported by the experiences and knowledge of the past. I fell off the creative wagon some time ago, I'm caught up in a rut, and I'm trying to find my way back again. I'm helping the process of regrowth by becoming involved again with a supportive community (and accepting the kick in the butt from my best friend); writing blogs, forum posts, lyrics; listening to lots of music; coming up with titles for tracks (I often feel inspired by that); and getting into the studio to play with sounds. I'm reminded today by some posts I've seen that doing something every day (however small) towards your ultimate goal is an important commitment to yourself. Those teeny steps in the right direction begin to add up, and carry me forward. Momentum is good. Doubt is there to challenge me, it's only when I let it stop me that it really hurts me. Progress isn't hampered by how many times you fall. It only stops when you fail to get back up!

My friend CK wrote a great blogpost about this-


A Girl Called George ... said...

Hi , well I'm glad your trying to find your way back again . Music has the power to heal and inspired. I have aspergers syndrome and when i started off i had many challenges with coping with aspergers and gigging too . Things like all the noises in the room and when people rush upto you so fast afterwards. I conquered alot by doing very small friendly open mic nights and a year later im a gigging singer / guitarist.

Busking was also great for me too , you should try it ! I think the most important thing is to enjoy it and as soon as you start doing that other people seem to then enjoy it with you xxx

Shoun pulok said...

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