on imperfection

If someone asked me the secret to my success, I'd say.... being absolutely willing to be not very good at all... on the road to being very good indeed.

If we can be where we are, assess where we are, and see where we want to go... then there is a strength in being 'not so good'. If we are passionate about learning what we need to learn & getting what we need to get, then we will walk the path from 'not so good' to 'better'. Along with that is the understanding that even when we reach our Nirvana of 'pretty good at this', we are still going to stumble and fall, write bad songs, paint poor pictures. But good or bad, they are a necessary part of our experience and growth. Enjoying the journey means accepting the little detours you make along the way :)

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cinderkeys said...

I wish someone had been around to tell me this before I learned to sing. I found out that all the techniques I used to stop my voice from breaking or going out of tune were ultimately getting in the way of learning how to do it right.