waaaaaaaah me sick :(

Play the violins.... I was fighting a bit of a cold on Wednesday night and Thursday... but Friday - wham, it hit me like a ton of bricks with an awful sore throat and a fever and everything (sniff)... anyway, I had to cancel work for two days. And, on top of that, I can't record anything cause my voice sounds like... gravel.

On the good, side, I got my new audio system today... minus the correct soundcard (although they had all the instructions), they have to order it in. But I can get myself set-up with my programs and highspeed internet, and take the CPU back in a few days when they get the right soundcard -- which needs a plug-in for my midi keyboard.

So I have to work on transferring data from my existing system (via my external hard drive) and installing all the programs, once I've done all that I'm looking forward to seeing what it feels like to work on a system with enough ram, faster processor, and lots of memory, when recording/producing. Have to run to the store tomorrow to get anti-virus software & a couple of other things.

I got a good deal on a LCD monitor - I originally was going to get a 19", but they had a slightly used 22"-wide screen monitor, which they sold me for just $50 more.

Other than that, I've written 4 complete songs for Fawm, and I have two more lyrics, with music composed, that need production; and I have another piece of soundart I'm saving to work with on the new system next week. Being sick, plus this system being chock full of data, kinda put the stops on posting anything musical for a few days.

That's the news for now! Stay creative out there.

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