looking forward to new system

Yeah! This week I get paid for all the hours I worked on a big project in December... and that means I can buy the hard drive I've been dreaming of.... and will finally be able to produce music effectively.

I have so many sketches and drafts of songs, and worktapes of songs, and ideas for songs, and collaborations to finish - I'll be busy for the next six months!! Hopefully there will be an album at the end of it. A mystical, magical, fantasy-based electronic folk album with dreamy, ethereal vocals and great harmonies.

I've also been trying to write at least 700 words a day on my novel. It's hard going. It's amazing how, when you sit down to write, suddenly all these things you would never do start appearing in your mind... "gee, I think I should clean the closet", "I should tidy the sock drawer", maybe I should check my email".

I find myself looking for little tidbits that might inspire me... like trivia or wierd news or just observations... and then start there and talk about them through the eyes of my character... her perspective on the world and the strange things that inhabit it. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get even a few words out of my brain... other times it seems to flow and I get to 900 words without even thinking.

The freak weather here - yet another snow storm where normally we get a dusting one afternoon which then turns to rain - has been keeping me inside, so I haven't done as much walking as I'd like. My mind turns to mush if I don't walk everyday. I discovered, though, if I can make it the half block to the parking lot, and then over the parking lot, I can walk around the park - which is grass, so if I slip, it would be softer. So I've had a turn or two around there.

Been playing the guitar everyday, and looking at my schedule to see where I could fit in some more lessons. That's the trouble with being a teacher - other teachers tend to teach at the same time as you, lol.

Had the first rehearsal of the new year with my trio yesterday. Felt good to be back together!!

Back to the salt minds tomorrow. Not. I love my work. It's a good thing I have something to do or I would just fritter away my time...

I always liked recess.

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