be gone, stufffffffffff!

I am trying to clean my bedroom - a Herculean task of mammoth porportions. If you don't hear from me, bring a tractor over & dig me out. Seriously. But I did find the abstract I painted in August - it's good, I like it. And I found piles of music I'd forgotten I had, in a box.

Anyway, I wonder how I managed to get all this stufffffffffff in one room and still breathe. No more, I say! The junk men are coming and taking it all away, soon!!! (Don't worry, I recycle or give away anything remotely useful.) But first I must have a lie down. Just looking at all those boxes makes me exhausted.

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Layla said...

Oh, how I understand you!

I even stopped painting partly cause I had no proper storage for any of my 'stuff', lol! (& no proper studio!)

Glad to hear you're recycling and giving away useful stuff - also noteworthy to know that for other people other things may still be useful - how I'd love to rummage through your stuff! :)