Goal for 2008: Pick up more instruments

A gentleman I know teaches fiddle, and plays fiddle & mandolin professionally. I asked him today to give me bi-weekly lessons in the New Year. We're going to start on the mandolin & then work on the fiddle. I can already play a couple of songs on the mandolin.

I am also going to take a class at the convervatory of music in the new year, in playing the Irish flute & penny whistle. I'll have to go and buy an Irish flute & a penny whistle. I used to play flute & piccolo in high school band.

I also have a friend who can teach me a little more on the guitar & harmonica, I'll start that when the woodwind class finishes. I want to get better at playing more rock style acoustic guitar. I'm too folky right now.

I just bought myself a Baroque recorder, I have to practice playing it. I want to be able to play some medieval style music.

On top of that, I have my voice coaching with soprano Barbara Livingston. The focus is keeping up with my opera training, but she doesn't mind if I bring in my original songs to sing for her. She's an excellent coach, I'm so glad I found her.

The other thing I would like to do is take some sort of a hand drumming class so I'm more aware of how percussion works.

That's kinda my goal for the New Year - get playing more instruments so that I have a better understanding of them, can add live instruments to songs/instrumentals, and can play more solos with my trio.

How about you?

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Sanoittaja/Copywriter/Koivulahti said...

huh! Quite much work you are doing.. I've trye'd to keep my focus in to the right things. I hope that all that time with all those instrumens really pay's back. Anyhow i think it is always the bes thing if you know every thing about youre doing, so do what feels right.