some things leave a bad taste... even when good for you

Yes, I learned this week that some things that are meant to make you healthy don't taste very good at all. In fact, they taste like old coffee mixed with black tar. But I am taking my medicine. I'm supposed to take a cup a day before I go to bed... but it's so foul, even with honey in it, that I can only manage half a cup. It's Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have two friends who have tried it and have had amazing results, so I thought I would try as well. We'll see how it goes.

It reminds you, though, that some things require determination to see them through. Especially with the creative process. You know, sometimes I struggle and struggle to get a piece of music where I think it ought to be, and then I put it away in disgust. Weeks later, I pull it out and have a listen to see if there's anything I can do to resurrect the piece... and often, I'll think, 'hey... this is good!'. I guess in the moment, in the midst of the frustration that what you hear doesn't match what you imagined in your mind... you don't see that it took you somewhere else... and that's not only cool, but sometimes even better than you imagined. If you can open your mind to it.

This week I'm challenging my creativity by getting up early and working with students in the early morning... leaving the rest of the day, until my late afternoon shift... for creative projects. So, rather than staying up late, and sleeping in, and then teaching all day... the plan is, I'll go to bed early, get up early, teach 2 or 3 hours, and then have 5 hours or so free for play.

I have the month end/month beginning financial stuff to do; working on some musical projects, of course; try to get out and enjoy the spring air & flowers every day as well. And drink my bedtime medicine. Face the dragon.

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