Ah... well, we've gone from the wierd climate change snow storms and wind storms and hurricanes to the usual sodding grey days of rain. Feels like home :)

Got a few projects going on:

Arie Boom - tweaking the lyrics & vocals for a cool pop-electronica song about climate change;

Lee Kweller - working on writing the melody for a folk song & doing a simple demo;

Ron Ropatt - working on writing the lyrics for a pop song & recording the vocals;

Dean Taylor - working on tweaking/remixing a pop-electronica James Bond sort of song;

Joe Wrabek - working on a couple of tracks for a country song

Plus I'm working on a couple of my own. Have to get my books done for income tax, and have to get organized to go spend a few days with my Dad over Easter.

Gotta go out in the rain now....

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