Here I am in limbo, caught between Christmas and New Year's with more time than normal on my hands... but not feeling much inspired to create anything. Last night I played through several work tapes of songs I created over the past year, but nothing leaped out and grabbed me. Today I toyed with two or three lyrics and added a line here or there. I've been staying up too late and not getting out for enough walks, I think.

Still, I've been musing over the New Year, like most people, and thinking about my goals for the next few months. I definitely want to get a new computer - a faster, bigger model with lots of RAM - to run the little orchestra programme I bought myself for Christmas. The design project I just finished (and worked countless hours into the night on) will pay for that.

I really want to take some of the songs I've written and develop them for a new age/ classical folk a la Enya kind of feel for a mystical-magical-fantasy CD. I also have some instrumentals I've written I'd like to develop further.

I'd like to write a little more... I have a couple of ideas of novels I've been mulling over in my mind, and I also would like to write something on the subject of creativity & healing through the creative process - something very close to my heart.

I also would like to improve my skills on various instruments - guitar, harmonica, mandolin, pennywhistle... so I think some lessons are in order, but I don't want to commit to anything until I try out my new, rather busy teaching schedule.

I want to spend more time with my Dad, and my Mom, which isn't as easy as it sounds as they are long divorced and live in different places.

I hope to continue the trend of doing more performing locally & perhaps also spreading that a little, to Seattle and Vancouver.

And I want to travel a little more... maybe Nashville, certainly California again... continue to learn all I can about this music industry, the business of songwriting, and indie artistry.

I hope you all have a happily creative and magical New Year!

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