two new projects? :)

Well, although I am not finished catching up on the collaborations on my list....

yesterday I came up with an idea for an ebook, and I actually have even written a page or two on it. It's going to be about what I've learned about living by being in the music, how music (art) was a process by which I became who I am today.

I just had a meeting with my 'Waiting for the Bus' co-writer, Mike Kavanagh - and we decided to work on another CD together. We already have several songs we've been working on. We'll put our noses to the grindstone over the next 4 months & see if we can come up with a winter album to balance our spring album

I also still want to put out my own ambient album & I have 3 pieces written for that and ideas for more.

I had a cold/sore throat last week so didn't get much singing done. But I did have a harmonica lesson (yes!).

We've had to order a second run of the CD (yes!) it should be ready in the next couple of days :)

I wrote the music for a lyric by Lloyd Kyrk & Michael Buller last weekend, and I wrote the music for a lyric by Michael Kavanagh this week as well.

I bought an external harddrive for my computer but I need to spend a half day setting it all up.

I have a headache for some reason so I'll sign off and hit the sack. Have a creative week, everybody!!

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